Monday, July 11, 2011

Rick Bayless Rocks

We had friends over last night for dinner (I'm putting this new kitchen through its paces!). Since I had purchased tortillas at the Farmers' Market and I had a small package of pork cutlets that I had thawed, I combined the two ingredients and decided to go Mexican. I pulled out Rick Bayless's Mexican Kitchen. I found just the thing:

Tangy Yucatecan Grilled Pork with Roasted Onions and Fresh Garnishes (the recipe is posted on this blog)
Classic Mexican Fried Beans with Onions and Garlic (using lard, baby!)
Fresh tortillas
Sliced radishes and cucumbers for added crunch
Plus: strawberry shortcake for dessert!

Basically all you do to make the grilled pork is marinate the pork in lime juice, grill it, grill some onions, toss in lime juice, salt and pepper, and serve on a bed of shredded cabbage tossed in lime, salt and pepper. Wrap a bit of everything up in the warm tortillas, along with refried beans, cucumber and radish, and enjoy. It was heavenly. Fresh, crunchy, warm, tangy, silky...just so good. Every recipe of Rick Bayless's I've ever made has been fabulous, as long as you have the ingredients and the time available. Oh. And his margarita recipe is good, too.

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