Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Happy to be Home

So much foodie stuff to think about and share, I don't know where to start, and it's midnight and I should be sleeping. Here are several threads that I will be exploring in the next few days:
• all herbs, all the time: my herbs are by far the most successful part of my garden, and I love, love, love fresh herbs. I want to cook with them as much as possible in the next while and will be sharing my thoughts on herb cookbooks, fresh meals and more
• baby birthday! Baby G is turning 1, so I will be sorting through my recipes to come up with an appropriate cake and salads for a casual bbq at our local park
• what did I learn about food, road trips and kids? We traveled over 5000 km with two small children and did not once stop at a fast food outlet (except for Tim Hortons for iced caps, and Booster Juice...). I have a few more lessons from the road to share.
• tis the season for putting up the local bounty— I just froze 11 cups of apples from my husband's colleague's tree, and hubbie is now setting out to plan a 'apple liqueur making workshop' as an excuse to show off our new kitchen and get together with work pals over drinks. I'm all for it! I'll be the workshop host.
• our kitchen is still not 100% complete, but there are only three things left now, and it is in full use. 'After' photos to come!

P.S., I'm delighted to report that we invested in a digital SLR camera before our roadtrip so I will soon be venturing into blog-photography. Blogography? Photoblogging? Is there a name for that?
More to come!

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