Monday, October 3, 2011

Pulled Pork: A Hit!

I've been getting somewhat lukewarm responses from the kids lately on my food. This means I'm getting lukewarm responses from D, mostly, because he is the big eater. Baby G sort of picks at whatever is in front of him, occasionally really going to town, but mostly staying pretty steady at moderate food consumption and high levels of dumping food all over the floor.

Tonight, I had a winner. Now that Baby G has a good complement of teeth, I've decided it's time to keep raw vegetables on constant offer. I haven't been putting out raw veggies regularly, but when I do, they disappear in a blink. Tonight's entire meal was popular all around:

Slow cooker pulled pork on whole grain burger buns with shredded old cheddar (if you make this recipe, be sure to let the sauce reduce on high in the slow cooker for quite a while—like an hour. I let the sauce reduce while the meat cooled, then shredded the meat and put it back in and let it simmer while I made the rest of the meal, then seasoned it with salt and pepper before serving)
Lemon coleslaw (there is also a shredded pork recipe recommended with this slaw recipe on Epicurious, which I have also made before. It's good, too, but I had a shoulder roast, not a pork loin, so I opted for the one above instead)
Raw mini cucumbers, baby garden carrots, sliced garden kohlrabi, sliced celery and sugar snap peas

D ate everything on his plate and asked for seconds, and ate a good portion of his seconds. G went for more cheese, and shoveled in handfuls of meat, bread and veggies. He even sampled the coleslaw. And my husband was sold on the aroma from the minute he walked in the door. Success!

...I have a meal plan for this week, just no time to post it. I'll try to get it posted tomorrow. Thanks for your patience!

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