Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Spring Salads and More

I still can't get over how delicious Monday night's tossed salad was. I can't recommend enough making good use of your fresh herbs in every salad you eat. We had a plain lettuce salad, and then I added radish sprouts, which I picked from the garden, thus thinning the rows and adding some spicy greens to the lettuce. Then I picked some chives and tarragon leaves, adding those as well as the mung bean sprouts I had started. That, plus Rozendal vinegar, made for a fabulous salad that even the kids ate greedily.

The rest of the meal wasn't too shabby either, with red wine marinated bison roast, which I then rubbed with Dijon mustard and several cloves of chopped garlic. I roasted it on indirect heat on our bbq, my new favourite way to cook roasts and ribs. I did the sweet potatoes on the grill, too.

I keep trying to keep the heat out of our house on warm days, but then I am overwhelmed by the urge to turn the last of the rhubarb in my fridge into a cake. So on Monday afternoon, the house got heated up while making strawberry-rhubarb pudding cake. On Tuesday, I decided I couldn't put off making granola any longer. Then the broiler was on while I was finishing my frittata. Not the most heat efficient, but delicious!

Tonight I should manage to avoid using my oven; the salmon is going on the bbq.

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