Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Guilty Pleasures

As promised, as soon as my date squares disappeared, I moved on to the raspberry coconut squares. These little treats fall down in the realm of healthy foods, since they are true confections, packed with white sugar and white flour.

While I will enjoy every bite of the squares (my motto is 'moderation is key'), I usually try to cook and bake things that have at least some nutritive value, using whole grains, unrefined sugar or fruit whenever possible. I have a King Arthur Flour cookbook, titled Whole Grain Baking which helps me in that quest. Those recipes aren't entirely perfect either, as I find they tend to use more sugar than I prefer. (I'm not a low-sugar fanatic. I just like cookies without that melted sugar crisp edge that they get when they have too much sugar compared to other ingredients). But at least using whole grain recipes makes me feel better about feeding it to my family.

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