Monday, November 29, 2010

Weekly Meal Plan #1

This week I've got a few items that need using up, namely a half-used can of coconut milk from our weekend dessert of black sticky rice pudding, and some fresh snowpeas, thanks to a lack of communication between my husband and me--I picked up snowpeas for a kid snack on one trip to the grocery store; my husband did the same thing two days later.

Usually I start my week with a Sunday night dinner that guarantees leftovers. That was thwarted this week by a Grey Cup party. The leftover chili was barely enough to cover lunch, so Monday turned into the big dinner with leftovers as a goal (my other goals being to include servings of beans, vegetarian food and fish to supplement my freezer full of meat. Ironically, meat is often our cheapest option for dinner, because it comes from family who raise it themselves):

Roast chicken (from a local Hutterite farm)
Rosemary roasted potatoes (rosemary sprigs grown in my herb garden and frozen for use over the winter)
Organic frozen green peas
Salad with homemade dressing

Leftover chicken with baked curried rice with apples and coconut (from Mark Bittman's Food Matters Cookbook...not sure how curry will do with the two-year-old palate...I'll get back to you on that)
Steamed cauliflower

Vegetarian chef's salad (from Canadian Living's Eat Right 2009 Cookbook, no longer available, but luckily the recipe is still on line)
+ play group at 6PM, if we can pull it off...

Beef and snowpeas with pan-fried noodles, a la

Tuna and sweet potato casserole (from Barbara-jo McIntosh's Tin Fish Gourmet)

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