Monday, May 9, 2011

Corn Feasts

Maybe we just hit a sweet spot with our kids' appetites this weekend, or maybe the following menu will always be this popular. Both boys put a serious dent in their meals (we pulled out some of the quinoa and black beans for Baby G before we mixed in the tomatoes and onions; otherwise, everyone got to eat everything pretty much as is). We enjoyed it just as much:

Grilled pork chops with garlic lime sauce
Black bean and tomato quinoa
Fresh corn on the cob
Watermelon for dessert

This fit the bill on so many levels: the garlic lime sauce dressed up the meat and added some spice for the grownups, while the kids got to eat the plain grilled pork chops. The quinoa was an excellent side dish, higher in protein and lower in carbs than most side dishes. My husband has been wanting to move away from grain-heavy (even whole grains) evening meals, so this did just that. Because the quinoa isn't very starchy, we didn't feel we were over doing it with the corn. Yummy and fresh and summery all around.

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