Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Busy Mom Tip #5: Delay Gratification

I just pulled some three-colour chip cookies out of the oven, in spite of the fact that at no time during the day were both kids asleep. Little G is growth-spurting and/or teething, which makes him notoriously hard to put down, and D's naps are slowly but surely getting shorter (cringe).

I was successful on the cookie front because I took two days to make it happen. I mixed the batter yesterday in a matter of minutes while making dinner, let it sit in the fridge over night, and it took no time at all to pop them in the oven today. The recipe I used actually calls for the batter to be left in the fridge overnight, since it uses 100% whole wheat flour, and this allows the flour to soak up the liquid a bit more. I used to pass over recipes that required an overnight wait, because I am not a fan of delayed gratification. Now I seek those recipes out, because they mean I'm more likely to reach my ultimate goal of enjoying freshly baked cookies.

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