Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Product Placement #3: Anytime Bubbles

Just before Christmas, I was tickled to discover that Saskatchewan Liquor Stores were carrying 3-packs of 200 ml bottles of Henkell Trocken sparkling wine. Individual bottles of bubbles seem to me to be the ultimate in practical luxury. A glass of bubbly is one of (my) life's greatest pleasures, but it generally requires a special occasion to justify opening a 750ml bottle of it, since it is not the nature of bubbles to last. Selling this elixir in smaller bottles means I can enjoy a glass of bubbles without the waste.

I suppose some people might think that bubbly is a special occasion beverage, and that being able to open one at any time will somehow cheapen it. First, I would like to say to those people, if you're buying Henkell Trocken (at $14/bottle) to commemorate your special occasions, I suggest you invest a little more in life's important moments. Second, I like to look at it from the opposite end of the spectrum: having a glass of bubbly helps make even the most mundane moment a cause to celebrate. Tonight I had a half-hour window during baby G's up-again-down-again nighttime ritual where he was asleep and I could enjoy some crackers with cream cheese and pepper jelly and a champagne cocktail while I read my book. Hooray!

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