Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Product Placement #2: MaraNatha Peanut Butter

I just dipped into a brand new jar of MaraNatha Peanut Butter, and decided I had to share. I have been in a peanut butter conundrum for the last few years. I know that mainstream peanut butter, with its added soybean oil, icing sugar and preservatives, isn't the healthiest choice. But I much prefer peanut butter that has a little bit of added salt and sweetener.

When I was pregnant (the time when I should be eating the healthier food), I caved and went through jar after jar of Kraft peanut butter. Just recently, though, I discovered a much better and absolutely delicious alternative in MaraNatha. The jars I've been buying still don't contain sugar, but the peanuts are ground so smoothly that the texture is like silk, and the nuts are roasted to the perfect point of having their own inherent sweetness. Since I opened a jar of MaraNatha, I haven't looked back.

I also just discovered on their website that this brand has a product called "smooth and sweet", which has added organic cane juice and sea salt. If I ever find that in Saskatoon stores, my life—at least as it pertains to peanut butter—will be complete.

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