Saturday, January 8, 2011

Brunch is the New Dinner Party (for foodie parents)

Once upon a time, we and our friends would regularly get together for dinner parties--often elaborate dinner parties, with several courses, wine matched to each course, beginning around 7PM and continuing past midnight. Sadly, since we all started having children, the days of leisurely, wine-soaked dining are over.

But it turns out that we miss our foodie friends, and they miss us. So we have begun a new tradition--a monthly brunch. Three couples take turns hosting, and we descend upon each others' homes, toddlers in tow, at 10AM. The festivities usually wrap up around naptime.

We attended one of these lovely get togethers this morning, and while someday (MANY years from now), I look forward to getting back to the leisurely dinner with friends, for now, the brunches are an excellent stand-in. Give it a try with your own group of friends. You just might like it!

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