Sunday, January 23, 2011

Meal Plan #4

We're around most evenings this week, so no need to work around anything except a yoga class—our challenge this week is to have everything wrapped up with no leftovers in the fridge by Friday, since we're heading to Prince Albert for a weekend of winter fun with my brother and sister in law. I have a floating 'optional' meal scheduled for Thursday which requires no perishable food items, and can be popped in the freezer in the event of leftovers.

Ingredients to use up this week: Napa cabbage, fresh zucchini, ricotta cheese, fresh tomatoes

Did I just say we're around in the evenings? Well, except for tonight, when I play volleyball from 6-9. That means our meal has to be portable or else edible when it's cold, at 9:30 when we get home, while at the same time being ready for D to eat before he heads out for an evening with his Uncle. We have a collection of leftovers in the fridge, and I decided to roast a chicken so that we have food today if we need it, and leftovers ready for lunches tomorrow. Side dishes and veggies will be scavenged from the fridge.

Chop suey with rice or noodles (I'll use the Napa cabbage in place of bok choy)

Tuesday (Yoga night)
Roasted ratatouille (Moosewood Collective's Simple Suppers) and couscous (to use up the zucchini and tomatoes)

Wednesday (Play group night)
Cannelloni with ricotta and spinach (from Rose Reisman Brings Home Light Cooking). This will also help to use up the purchased jar of pasta sauce I used for last week's rice-nut loaf.

Lamb stew with kidney beans (if needed—this is the freezable one)

Friday, we're hoping to leave the city soon enough to descend on my brother in time for dinner.

Since dinner tonight is a big of a hodgepodge and doesn't require much effort from me, I have thawed some of the peach slices I froze at the height of peach season and turned them into peach oatmeal bread from King Arthur Flour Wholegrain Baking. I opted to use less sugar than the original recipe--3/4 c. brown sugar instead of 1/2 c. each of white sugar and brown sugar. I find the recipes in that cookbook to be a bit on the sweet side. It's fresh from the oven and looks beautiful. Hopefully it will taste that way, too.


  1. Yum! Peach oatmeal bread sounds scrumptious.

    My discovery this week is roasted broccoli--it's fabulous. I've been roasting cauliflower for a while but only recently gave broccoli similar treatment (to our collective delight).

  2. I was going to post another note saying that the oatmeal peach bread was a disappointment, but it has actually improved and become more moist in the last day or so. D scarfed it down for breakfast this morning. Extra good with the local farm butter I've been buying.