Thursday, January 20, 2011

Busy Mom Tip #3: Treat Yourself

What's your favourite treat? Luxury and pampering are somewhat subjective, but whatever makes you feel pampered, I think you should do it. Busy moms don't get much down time, so I for one take it when I can. I feel pampered when both kids are asleep and I get to sit down by myself with a delicious snack and a good book. My afternoon go-to is often a cup of hot cocoa, either homemade or Green and Black's, which is available in many grocery stores.

In the evening, after the kids are in bed (which usually means my husband has also fallen asleep in the process of putting the children to sleep), I love to settle in with a glass of red wine and a plate of cheese and crackers. It feels extra luxurious if I have a block of really good cheese and some kind of fruit or preserve to match. One of my favourite combos lately is gouda cheese (the older, the better) and Stonewall Kitchen's Fig and Walnut Butter. I just used up the last of my jar last night (it was superfantastic spread on the parmesan pine nut biscuits I made earlier in the week), so I may have to go back to the Bulk Cheese Warehouse to get myself another...and some vintage gouda to go with it.

Wine and cheese may not be your favourite thing, but whatever you enjoy, be sure to treat yourself once in a while (and by once in a while, I mean as often as possible). You deserve it!

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