Saturday, January 15, 2011

Like Attracts Like

One of the great things about being a foodie is that I tend to become friends with like-minded people. I can then reap the benefits of being surrounded by great cooks. My birthday, which I celebrated recently, was a case in point--my favourite gifts came from fellow foodie friends, and they were homemade treats—pickles, salsas, jams, cookies and candy. I felt truly spoiled.

Tonight, I get to reap even more benefits. We're invited to a friend's house for a Lebanese night. She takes great pride in her falafel, and another friend of ours makes her own pita. I offered to bring along Lebanese baklava, since I have made it several times to great reviews, and there we are, a dinner party full of homemade Lebanese delights, for us and our kids (of which there will be at least six in attendance). In order to allow for bedtimes, we're planning to be there for 5:30, so we can leave by 8ish.

I found my baklava recipe at, which is a fantastic resource for multi-cultural recipes. You can search by country and by type of food. I've used it extensively over the years.

I have now sampled three pieces of that baklava in order to make sure it's still good as it cools. I was getting worried I wouldn't have any left to bring to dinner. It's the rose water—I find it irresistable. So to ward off anymore pilfering I took action and made myself a cup of Harrod's rose petal tea (another gift from another foodie friend), which has the same gorgeous aroma as the baklava. Although...what would REALLY be good is to have some baklava WITH the rose petal tea....

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