Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Gratifood (or would that be Fooditude?)

Making supper tonight turned out to be an exercise in gratitude. It seemed that every step of the process made me aware of something else to be grateful for:

I am grateful to the foodie friend who introduced me to the cookbook (Whitewater Cooks at Home) that contained the recipe.
I am grateful that I splurged on the Kitchenaid food processor that made short work of grating 2 lbs. of yams, and then chopped ginger, garlic, chickpeas and nuts, in seconds.
I am grateful for sticking with my concept of 'make extra and freeze', since without that practice, I would have been without chickpeas. I thought I had tons of cans of them, but apparently not. My saving grace was a frozen container of chickpeas that I had set aside the last time I cooked them from scratch.
I am grateful for a recipe that lets me use up all the little tiny bags of remnant nuts that plague the bottom of my freezer.
I am grateful to the guy from my yoga class who offered to shovel my driveway last week; mostly because he shoveled my driveway, but also because his good deed gave me an excuse to give food to someone, and giving food to people is one of my very favourite things.
I am grateful to the friend who gifted me with green tomato pickles, because they were the perfect condiment for my yummy yam burger.

And of course this is on top of all the usual things to be grateful for, like a healthy family, a roof over my head, work that I love, living where I want to live, and so on. It was just a good day to be thankful.

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