Sunday, March 20, 2011

"Mmmm. This is a great supper."

Now those are words you don't hear every day from a two year old. Apparently, all it takes to sell him on a meal is oven-fried chicken (Pineview Farms thighs and drumsticks). He hadn't touched anything else on his plate, but since he had a drumstick, he was convinced the meal was great. With a bit of coaxing, he went on to note his surprise that the pale oven-fry was a sweet potato (we had a combination of sweet potato and yam fries), and once he confirmed that it was sweet potato, he proceeded to clear his plate of them: "I think this is great. This is great food!" When he announced he was finished, without having touched his asparagus, we suggested he have at least one bite of his vegetables, so that he could get the vitamins he needed. "I like vitamins!" he said, and took one bite, and then shoved half of the rather large asparagus spear in his mouth. If only he were always so agreeable.

He doesn't eat like this every day, but I do enjoy it when he does. Chicken, yam fries and asparagus. The winning combination.

It worked well for Baby G, too, who has apparently caught on to the joys of food. He demolished a slice of baked yam, half an asparagus spear, and a good tablespoon of mom-chewed chicken thigh, his first show of interest in meat since we started feeding him solids.

Coconut macaroons for dessert—we have a lot of macaroons around now, since I'm trying to use up all of the egg whites left over from the crème brulée. I have eight more egg whites to go. Any suggestions? Keep in mind I'm a bit burnt out for cooking this week...

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  1. whaaaaaat? Burnt out for cooking! Say it ain't so, Amazon.

    Those egg whites are begging to be whipped up into a pavlova.