Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Meal Plan #9: Keeping it Simple

This week is sandwiched between illness and preparations for a fancy dinner for six ('the boys' are banished from the house that night for three hours, what luxury!). I'm keeping it as simple as possible. But that doesn't mean it won't be tasty. You'll note some of these days have already passed...

Southwestern Cheese Soup from Simple Suppers
Fresh green salad with lemon vinaigrette (1 part lemon juice, 4 parts olive oil, salt and pepper to taste)

Balsamic lamb chops
Bean and Squash Gratin from Mark Bittman's Food Matters
Fresh green salad with lemon vinaigrette

Pasta with artichoke hearts and feta, also from Simple Suppers. This was easy and pleasant, and had a method I'd never seen before—the simplest thing, making a creamy sauce out of equal parts pasta cooking water and crumbled feta cheese. Quite nice.

We've been talking about taking our kids to the Shaw Centre during a time when we can both go. 4PM to 7PM on Wednesdays seems to be the time. Then we're going to go for sushi, which we've both been craving. D is also quite taken with sushi, ever since he was gifted the Melanie and Doug sushi set.

This means no need to make supper, which is good, because since I have no childcare tomorrow, any work I try to do will have to happen during nap times. As will any dinner party prep that takes place...that's a whole other plan and to-do list (but fun!).

Date night/food review night. We're getting a sitter that is not Grandma and Grandpa, for the first time since baby G was born (it will be one day before his 7 month birthday!!) and going out for dinner together. At home, I will be making oven roasted chicken thighs, sweet potato fries and asparagus for sitter and the boys.

Can't say I've thought that far ahead...our original plan was to go out on Friday, so I've used up all my dinner ideas. I'll come up with something.

Now, I wonder, to reveal Saturday's menu before Saturday?? Or keep it a surprise?

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