Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Schryer's: Foodie Family Fun!

Well, okay, maybe Southern BBQ isn't the healthiest of family meals, but it could have been worse, and it was certainly delicious. The distinct lack of vegetables other than (homemade) coleslaw and BBQ beans was somehow mitigated by smoking (pun intended) hot service and the FREE 1980s video games. D was completely fascinated by the video game machine, and my husband and I took turns rediscovering PacMan, Frogger, and Donkey Kong. And the food was good enough that D did manage to sit down and eat without any fuss at all. He mostly ate cornbread and smoked mozzarella poutine, but every once in a while, that's not the end of the world.

What fascinated me about Schryers is that it is amazingly fast. The families that arrived immediately before us and after us ordered, ate, and were gone within a span of 20 minutes. And they ate pulled pork or beef brisket sandwiches—a huge step above your typical fast food meal. We took a little longer with our meal, what with the distractions of two small children, forks falling on the floor, making sure Baby G didn't gnaw any dangerous portions off the pork rib bones we gave him to chew on.

Had we been smart and ordered a sandwich instead of a rack of ribs, our meal would have come in at about $20, which is also competitively priced with fast food joints. Kids eat free after 5PM, so had we ordered off the kids' menu for D, we would have saved some money. As it was, we ordered a bunch of stuff to share and with the plan to take home leftovers, so D ate from our orders.

Foodie family fun!

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