Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Meal Plan #8

My precious meal planning notebook is FULL! I'm going to have to find another one. I'm using an interim notebook for now. I love flipping back through it and remembering the menus I planned and the guests I served, since most of the time I include my guests' names in the title.

But I digress. Here's my meal plan for this week (note that ingredients are aimed towards potential finger foods for Baby G, who, at 6 and a half months, has no interest in eating foods off a spoon. If he can't hold it, he won't sample it).

"White trash" sweet and sour spareribs (I confess to a love of westernized Asian food that is made from non-Asian ingredients. Like ketchup)
Baked brown and wild rice (some formed into little finger food patties for Baby G)
Broccoli with oyster sauce (with some broccoli pulled out of the steamer for Baby G)

Tuesday (vegetarian/yoga night)
Ryan's Moroccan Yam Burgers (from my new cookbook, Whitewater Cooks at Home!). If you go to the link for the recipe, scroll down a bit in the forum, and you'll find it.
These sound awesome--grated yams, pureed chickpeas, nuts, tons of spices and more. I'll cook up some yams separately for Baby G. I think I'm also going to try stewed prunes as finger food...which might be messy, but so is everything else he eats.

I'm away at a meeting over the supper hour, so I'll be popping this in the oven ahead of time:
Navy bean and squash gratin with bits of sausage (from Mark Bittman's Food Matters). I'll mash up some beans and cook some separate squash chunks for Baby G.

Oven roasted Pine View Farms chicken thighs
Sweet potato fries
Asparagus (or some other veggie if I can't find organic asparagus). Baby G will suck on asparagus, as well as sweet potato fries. He's not currently interested in meat, but I might make like a mama bird and chew some up for him to try.

Pasta with tomatoes, tuna and capers from Mark Bittman's Food Matters. There are several versions of this recipe, and I found a similar one on Epicurious, here. Mark Bittman's recipe calls for tuna packed in oil, which I will use if I can find it. Has anyone seen it anywhere in Saskatoon? 

As for Baby G's meal on Friday, I'm guessing we'll have something in the fridge from earlier meals that we can use, since the pasta meal isn't terribly baby-friendly. That reminds me, though--if I pick up some rice pasta, he can have pasta as finger food, too! (he hasn't tried wheat yet)

Note on tuna: I truly don't eat tuna or serve it to my family very often at all (less than one can per month), because I do have some reservations about its mercury levels. When I was pregnant, I didn't eat it at all. But I can't seem to avoid it completely, because I discovered it so recently, and love it. I figure with the levels of healthiness we enjoy in the rest of our foods, the benefits out-weigh the costs of the occasional meal using tuna.

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